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With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, we know folks aren't likely checking their email inboxes on a regular basis. That's why Steve asked me to remind key members of our team of an important update he wrote earlier in the week. If you did miss it, I've reposted it below, and urge you to read it to the end. Thanks for being such an intergral part of the Grassfire family. --Ron

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December 16, 2014

I'm not going to sugarcoat this.

Grassroots Action needs your help.

This year has been one of the most difficult political seasons I have ever witnessed. A deep discouragement has settled like a cloud over patriotic citizens as they have watched the Obama administration violate our Constitution, abuse our system of government and disrespect the American people -- with seemingly no consequences.

With fleeting hope we watched newly empowered RINO Republicans roll over for Obama and the Left -- funding Obama's Exectutive Amensty and more.

It's been a tough season...

Thankfully, many friends like you have refused to give in -- refused to shrink back from Obama's vile attacks. Together, we have kept building and kept fighting in hopes of changing the current destructive course our nation is on. Over the last 12-months, Grassroots Action has delivered more than 4 million petitions, while constructing one of the largest and strongest multi-front conservative grassroots networks in the nation. Clearly we are not giving in to Obama's lawless nature!

But I do need your help.

As I write, Grassroots Action is lagging financially far behind what we need to fight for liberty and limited government in the coming months.

In fact, we need an influx of about $50,000 before the end of the year above and beyond our normal expenses to keep Grassroots Action fighting on your behalf and ready for the breakthrough that I believe is coming in 2015.

You heard that right. Despite what has happened -- even since the midterm elections, I truly believe a game-changing breakthrough is coming, and here's why you are the key!

+ + Why you are important

The financial challenge we're facing feels quite daunting. We simply cannot meet this challenge without the help of key friends like you. The fact is, you are vitally important, and here's why:

What few people realize is that the vast majority of our Grassroots Action friends have never ordered a resource, or purchased a yard sign, or sent a fax, or made a contribution. Even though Grassroots Action is more than a million strong, we rely on a small fraction of our faithful team members who value what we do.

I'm writing to you because you have stood with Grassroots Action -- you have partnered with us. I believe you are one of the faithful who can help us right now!

Can I count on you today?

Please go here to help Grassroots Action meet this critical year-end $50,000 financial need, as we continue to build towards a breakthrough in our nation:

+ + We knew this would be difficult...

When Obama was re-elected, we knew the next four years would be difficult. But I don't think any of us ever imagined just how lawless and reckless Obama's actions would become.

Yes, these are trying times. But we cannot -- we must not -- shrink back.

That's why I need your help right now to meet Grassfire's critical $50,000 year-end need. If you believe in the mission of Grassfire and want to help us continue this fight to take back and restore our nation, let me hear from you right now with a gift of any amount:

Thank you so much for all you are doing to stand for liberty in our land. And thanks in advance for your help.

Steve Elliott

P.S. If you ever wonder whether you can make a difference in the political debate, here's your answer -- YES! Without you Grassroots Action cannot fight. We cannot continue to be one of the leading voices for liberty and limited government in our land. You are vitally important and can make a difference today. Please help us meet this $50,000 year-end financial need by clicking here.

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