July 25, 2014


dOne week from today (Friday), Grassfire, LibertyNEWS along with a coalition of organizers from Murrieta will be launching what I believe is our most important grassroots initiative in recent years and perhaps in our history. On that day our Border Convoy against President Obama's illegal invasion will roll out of Murrieta, California, and along our porous southern border where a war is underway!

This seven-day journey will take Americans to the frontlines of the hottest spots in our nation so we can report first-hand about the crisis Barack Obama, and the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge. We'll also hold rallies to engage and equip more Americans to fight back against Obama's illegal invasion.

However, one week from the start, I'm worried ...

We are still $40,000 short of critically needed funds that will help provide vital supplies, vehicles, food, logistics and technical resources to report back to you and the rest of our team throughout the nation. And there's one more thing. ... During our last update we shared how one militant group declared war on us -- promising to slash our tires and keep us from exposing the real, dirty truth about Obama's secret invasion into America. <#first_name#>, we won't be stopped. We are fighting for our land, our culture and our families. To ensure our BORDER CONVOY keeps rolling, I will make certain we have security in place every step of the way!

However, without the needed funds in place before next week, I may be forced to make some very difficult choices that could jeopardize the overall effectiveness of our STAND FOR AMERICA and STOP THE INVASION convoy and message. So with a week remaining before the start of this most important initiative, I'm asking you for help in reaching our $40,000. goal.

Friend, can I count on you to help sponsor the BORDER CONVOY and help Grassfire expand our STOP THE INVASION campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of citizens across the country? Please go here to help:


Our plan throughout "CONVOY WEEK" will be to assist/support/rally citizens currently guarding the border, helping small border towns facing the threat of Obama's DHS buses and raising awareness while out on the road. THIS MUST GO NATIONAL AND MEDIA MUST COVER IT. 

But it won't happen unless I have your help. We anticipate 100+ RVs and SUVs and cars to join us for the BORDER CONVOY, along with strong media coverage as we report on what is really happening on the border from the front lines of Murrieta to Laredo.

Please go here now and contribute what you can to help us reach our goal and fight back against Obama's secret war against America!

For a contribution of $35 or more, we'll send you the official Border Convoy t-shirt in addition to our exclusively designed Re-Stickers! Go here now to help.

This morning, I received an e-mail from Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), who was part of the House Border Crisis working group that evaluated our border crisis. He writes, "The strain placed on state and local governments overwhelms security, education, and medical services, making them harder to come by for citizens and immigrants alike."

I can appreciate Rep. Salmon's words, but we can't expect an Obama-led government to deliver a responsible solution to this crisis. That's why this BORDER CONVOY is so important. You and I are the solution to Obama's illegal invasion.
We can take what happened in Murrieta and expand the grassroots movement of citizens "pushing back" against the Obama Invasion to cities and towns across the nation!

Go here now to take action.



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